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SVP, Group Account Director

Imagine having a demanding job in client service, while raising 3 wonderful children, and having a husband who has already completed 3 overseas deployments flying helicopters for the US Navy…

Meet Lindsey Nowak, Lockwood SVP Group Account Director, mother, and military spouse.

You might think flying a helicopter around the Persian Gulf is dangerous work, and you’d be right. “Even the training missions are perilous,” says Lindsey. Without missing a beat, she adds, “several of our friends have lost loved ones in training accidents. So, it’s just as scary when he’s home as when he’s away.”

How do Lindsey and her husband cope? “When he leaves in the morning, I kiss him goodbye,” she says. “It’s just like he’s going to the office.” But not everything at her husband’s “office” is routine. During one incident on a carrier, a cable snapped on the flight deck right in front of him. Seven people were injured; four had to be flown to a hospital. “When something like that happens, everything just shuts down; you can’t just call the Navy and ask if your spouse is okay.”

But Lindsey does have one way of keeping her husband close to her heart wherever he goes. “I wear a replica of his wings around my neck—when he got his wings, I got mine.”

Both Lindsey and her husband have earned those wings. “Giving so much to my family, my career, and supporting my country comes naturally to me,” she says. “I’m a master multitasker, driven to help others, and I run on the adrenaline of success … and lots of coffee.”

At the Lockwood Group, we’re happy to supply Lindsey with all the coffee and support she needs.

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