Medical communicators

Medical communicators

We understand healthcare and collaborate with clients to strategize and execute holistic, effective medical and market access communications.

We understand healthcare and collaborate with clients to strategize and execute holistic, effective medical and market access communications.

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Meet some of the people who bring their inspiration to Lockwood every day.

  • Kimberly, Senior Project Manager

    Kimberly Chellino, Senior Project Manager at Lockwood, surprised everyone, maybe even herself, by joining the rowing team in college. What was she doing? She knew nothing about the sport going in. But curiosity, the love of water, and a sense of adventure won out over caution.

  • Katie, Senior Account Director

    Katie Wood sat in the hospital room holding the hand of her 2.5-year-old son, Jackson. As she looked at the feeding and breathing tubes connected to his young body, the monitors beeped unsoothingly.

  • Suzy, Senior Account Director

    Suzy Leagre, her teenaged son, and her 76-year-old father-in-law had just returned from an extensive nature hike when her father-in law collapsed unresponsive on the beach house driveway. Time froze; however, Suzy did not.

  • Meredith, Senior Account Director

    As the youngest of 4 kids in a rambunctious household, 6-year-old Meredith was used to blending into the crowd. Four children running, shouting, playing, and jostling for tasty treats make a great smokescreen for all sorts of things.

  • Danielle, Scientific Director

    Danielle Grospitch, then a 17-year-old new veterinary assistant, remained on the examination room floor weeping for more than an hour with the woman whose dog had just been euthanized for incurable blood cancer.

  • Alley, SVP, Client Services

    She moved to Baltimore in 2016, knowing only one person, her college roommate’s brother Matt. He took her under his wing, treating her like a little sister and introducing her to his friends, one of whom eventually became her husband. Fast forward to 2019. Her friend group or rather “framily” celebrates the birth of Matt’s son, not knowing this may be the last moment of normalcy.



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The Lockwood Group includes multiple agencies specializing in medical and market access communications.

Our affiliate Random42 creates best-in-class medical animations.

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