We understand healthcare and collaborate with clients to identify and execute holistic, effective communications strategies.

Who we are

  • We communicate clinical and therapeutic advances to every variety of medical expert, healthcare practitioner, and decision maker. For the ultimate benefit of patients, we help our clients advance their objectives in a world of new regulations, business models, payment approaches, technologies, roles, and work practices.

  • With over a third of our staff holding advanced scientific or medical degrees, understanding science and communicating it effectively is central to everything we do. Integrating scientific staff into all our client service teams is an essential part of our success.

  • Lockwood teams are organized around the specific needs of each client. With our experience in all major therapeutic areas and many rare diseases, along with highly specialized knowledge in biologics, devices, and diagnostics, we can quickly deploy the right scientific, business, and communications experts to address the challenges at hand.

  • Flexibility is at the heart of how we’re organized. Most Lockwood staff work from where they live. With better work-life balance and a highly developed support structure, we attract the best talent, facilitate their best work, and as a result, are more responsive to our clients, wherever and whenever they do business.

“Our clients depend on us to go the extra mile.”

What we do

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  • Lockwood collaborates with clients to identify effective, holistic strategies to address their objectives through medical communications. Our clients count on us to challenge their assumptions, and help them creatively navigate around obstacles.

  • Every therapeutic advance has a story. We create core scientific content that resolves complexity and sets a foundation for targeted communications. We address missing information and logic gaps, while staying focused on what’s relevant to critical audiences.

  • We make scientific information accessible audience-by-audience by pinpointing the right tactics, and designing them to address each unique challenge — whether it’s speaker training, clinical workshops, disease-state awareness campaigns, product theaters, or other methods of reaching key audiences.

  • Lockwood clients rely on our experience engaging medical experts across a broad range of therapeutic areas. We understand the unique regulatory environment of healthcare, and bring skill and sensitivity to our relationships with all types of clinicians.

  • We guide our clients through the complex regulatory environment to create publications that are evidence-based and clinically relevant. From concept to execution, we bring accuracy, transparency, and scientific value in support of our clients’ communication needs.

  • Every detail counts. That’s why we have combined the best talent, experience, resources and technology in Meeting Management to ensure your critical meetings are flawless. Lockwood is Healthcare Meeting Compliance certified, and our meeting logistics teams are always versed in our client’s strategy, empowered to anticipate needs, and make on-the-spot decisions. It’s a level of service that can truly make a difference with busy medical professionals.

  • A spirit of collaboration produces the most effective and creative work. We champion great ideas, whether they come from us, our clients, or their other agency partners. Good science and our clients’ objectives come first in every Lockwood engagement.

“People are working for Lockwood because they truly want to be here.”
Nicki Kanacki

How we’re organized

The Lockwood Group is made up of multiple agencies specializing in medical communications.

Contact us

  • Tell us about what you’re working on. Let’s see if we can help. Send me an email at matt@thelockwoodgrp.com, or give me a call at 203-883-8747.

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  • Flex your passion and intelligence in a company committed to diversity of people and ideas, with a culture of mutual support and respect for work/life balance. Lockwood has opportunities in scientific services, account management, meeting planning, and business development.

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Matthew Schecter
Founder & CEO
“We’ve been selected as one of the ‘Best Places to Work in Connecticut' every year since 2015. I’d love to tell you why.”
Elisabeth West
SVP, Human Resources