Medical communicators


SVP, Client Services

She moved to Baltimore in 2016, knowing only one person, her college roommate’s brother Matt. He took her under his wing, treating her like a little sister and introducing her to his friends, one of whom eventually became her husband.

Fast forward to 2019. Her friend group or rather “framily” celebrates the birth of Matt’s son, not knowing this may be the last moment of normalcy. Matt’s diagnosis with stage IV cholangiocarcinoma shortly after, shatters their peace.

This moment “shocked us all into a different reality,” says Alley. Her best friend, Matt, was too young and vibrant to be so seriously ill. His diagnosis propelled Alley towards a new mantra “seize the day!”

When Matt died less than a year after his diagnosis, Alley, along with Matt’s wife and their friends, formed A MATTer of Hope, a 501c3 organization dedicated to the hope that the next time, there will be a treatment; for the next person, there will be a cure.

Alley’s teammates at Lockwood see her conviction and connection with her colleagues and clients on a daily basis. Her dedication to meaningful causes shines out brightly for all to see. Lockwood is proud to have Alley on our team, sharing with us her optimism and guiding us all toward the goal of better outcomes for patients.

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