Medical communicators


Senior Account Director

Katie Wood sat in the hospital room holding the hand of her 2.5-year-old son, Jackson. As she looked at the feeding and breathing tubes connected to his young body, the monitors beeped unsoothingly. A respiratory infection had unexpectedly turned septic, leading to a helicopter airlift to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Katie and her family were unmoored and distraught, shuttling between the hospital room and the Ronald McDonald House.

A long 2.5 months of treatments and complications followed, but Katie and her family would quickly find out that beyond their direct family, they had an additional team of allies looking out for them.

“Lockwood was just another family member reaching out to me to see where they could support,” she said. “They took the silence, and they ran with it and gave me what I didn’t even know I needed.”

Soon a snuggly cardigan and blanket arrived to embrace Katie during long days and evenings at the hospital, and Jackson received stuffed animal toys to make him smile. Visits and lunches with Katie’s manager and local colleagues gave another layer of warmth and comfort.

Katie was relieved she could focus on her task of helping Jackson get well; she knew her Lockwood team was taking care of her work projects and more.

Almost 5 years later, Jackson and the rest of the family are flourishing. Katie, who knows firsthand how rapidly life can change, is primed to jump in and offer her support. So when working with Katie or anyone else at The Lockwood Group, trust that you will have a team of true partners always by your side.

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